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DPC Services delves deep into every corner of your Tyrone, Georgia residence, inspecting from the peak of your attic to the depths of your basement. Our mission? To ensure bugs, rodents, and other unwelcome guests don't claim your home as theirs!

Considering Georgia ranks second only to Florida as a hotspot for pests in the U.S., a customized pest control strategy is vital. Trust in our seasoned professionals, all of whom are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and certified. We guarantee peace of mind with our safe and effective solutions.

Contact us now at 770-460-5258 to begin safeguarding your Tyrone, GA residence from unwanted invaders!

A quick reminder: If you already have a pest control contract with us, any necessary follow-up visits between your regular appointments are on us. Absolutely FREE!

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Our unique edge lies in our profound knowledge of Tyrone's local insect dynamics. With our tailor-made Pest Management Program, we administer a premium, odorless treatment that crafts an unseen protective shield around your home, promising an uninterrupted pest-free atmosphere between visits. Our strategic approach zeroes in on common insect entry zones: foundation fissures, openings, ivy-laden surfaces, and garbage storage areas. Every potential access point, from overhead to underground decks, is meticulously addressed, with special attention to window wells and crawl space vents.

By diligently reinforcing this protective barrier, DPC Services not only repels but also decisively eliminates pests, targeting even their preferred sanctuaries like under mulch or shadowy, damp areas.

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DPC Services is more than just a pest control firm; we're a beacon of trust serving Tyrone and its neighboring areas. With our adept technicians, we offer tailored inspections and treatments that balance safety and affordability. Customer satisfaction isn't just a goal; it's our mantra. As we craft individualized solutions, we constantly strive to elevate our service quality. As a family-run venture, our core values of integrity and honesty shine through, promising you a home free from pests. Reach out to us today and experience a service built on trust and dependability.