Mosquito Control

DPC Services specializes in comprehensive mosquito control solutions, employing effective methods like applying residual adulticides to vegetation to target resting areas and ensure long-lasting results, benefiting homeowners and effectively controlling mosquito populations.

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Solutions

DPC Services specializes in comprehensive mosquito control solutions. Mosquitoes pose a year-round challenge, their activity fluctuating with annual weather patterns. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including parks, backyards, playing fields, picnic spots, and campsites, where mosquitoes tend to emerge in significant numbers each year.

One of our most effective methods involves the application of residual adulticides to the surrounding vegetation, targeting the areas where mosquitoes rest. This approach yields long-lasting results and is particularly beneficial for individual homeowners. Our team of professional pest control operators plays a vital role in delivering this service, ensuring effective control of mosquito populations.

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Mosquito Control Measures:
Source Reduction and Larviciding

Source Reduction

At DPC Services, we understand the importance of source reduction in successful mosquito management. Mosquitoes often thrive near buildings, but with a little effort from homeowners or building occupants, annoyance caused by these pests can be minimized. Regularly emptying or discarding water-containing receptacles like flower pots, barrels, cans, and tires can significantly reduce mosquito breeding sites. Moreover, we address issues related to leaking plumbing, air conditioner overflows, and faulty septic systems, which often contribute to mosquito habitats.


When water sources suitable for mosquito larvae cannot be eliminated, larviciding becomes a necessary step in the control process. In addition, we employ insect growth regulators (IGRs) that impede the normal development of mosquito larvae into adults. While IGRs are not lethal to the larvae, their residual formulations have proven effective in treating hard-to-reach habitats.

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Adulticiding and Mosquito Control Techniques

In situations where invading mosquitoes disperse from their larval habitats or during disease outbreaks, adulticiding may be the best strategy to minimize transmission risks. Our skilled team applies residual adulticides to the vegetation surrounding houses, targeting resting areas for mosquitoes. This approach ensures control for several days, effectively eliminating adult mosquitoes that feed during both day and night.

For maximum efficiency in mosquito control, DPC Services employs mist blowers, a cutting-edge equipment that allows precise application of residual insecticide formulations. By targeting vegetation, mist blowers efficiently repel or exterminate adult mosquitoes, effectively reducing biting activity for an extended period.

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With DPC Services' specialized expertise and innovative techniques, our mosquito control solutions ensure a safer and more enjoyable outdoor environment for our valued clients.