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American Cockroaches

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At DPC Services, we perform a comprehensive review of your Senoia, Georgia property, from the peak of your attic to the base of your basement. Our mission is to prevent bugs, rodents, and unwanted intruders from infesting your home!

Given that Georgia is the second most attractive state for pests in the U.S., only surpassed by Florida, having a personalized pest control strategy is essential. Rely on our experienced, fully licensed, insured, and certified team to provide you with safe and effective pest management solutions, bringing peace of mind.

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Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local insect species in Senoia, Douglas Pest Control Services provides effective pest control through our specially formulated Pest Management Program. This program uses a top-notch, odorless treatment that creates an invisible shield around your home, ensuring a pest-free environment between services. We concentrate our efforts on potential insect entry points, including foundation cracks, gaps, ivy-covered areas, and waste storage locations. We give individual attention to each entry point in your home, as well as above-ground and underground decks, with extra emphasis on window wells and crawl space vents.

Through regular reinforcement of this treatment barrier, DPC Services guarantees the successful elimination of pests, even from their preferred hideaways like under mulch or in damp, shaded areas.

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Subterranean Termites

Termite Control

DPC Services offers expert termite control to protect homes from wood-devouring pests. After a comprehensive inspection, if termites are found, the team employs two primary treatments: Termidor and the Advance Termite Bait System. Termidor, a leading US termite defense product, uses a nonrepellent chemical technology that is undetectable to various termite species and effectively eliminates them. On the other hand, the Advance Termite Bait System is a colony elimination method that uses strategically placed bait stations, minimizing environmental exposure, and specifically targets the termites' biology, disrupting their molting process without harming mammals.

Mosquito Control

DPC Services offers comprehensive mosquito control solutions tailored to various environments, including parks, backyards, playing fields, and campsites. Our expertise focuses on methods such as the application of residual adulticides to vegetation, targeting mosquito resting areas for long-lasting effects. Recognizing the significance of source reduction, we advise homeowners to regularly empty water-containing items and address issues like leaking plumbing and faulty septic systems to prevent mosquito breeding. When necessary, larviciding is applied, using insect growth regulators (IGRs) to disrupt the larvae's development. In cases of disease outbreaks or significant mosquito dispersal, adulticiding is employed, using advanced mist blowers for precise insecticide application, ensuring effective control of mosquitoes for extended periods.

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DPC Services is a dependable pest control company, serving Senoia and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained technicians provide personalized inspections and treatments for a range of pests, ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. As a family-owned business, we value honesty and guarantee a pest-free home. Get in touch with us today for a service you can trust and count on.