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American Cockroaches

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DPC Services offers comprehensive pest inspections, covering every inch of your Fayetteville, Georgia home, from the attic peaks to the basement depths. With Georgia being one of the most pest-prone states, it's crucial to have a specialized pest control plan. Our highly trained and certified team ensures a secure, pest-free environment for you.

For peace of mind, dial 770-460-5258 and protect your Fayetteville residence from unwelcome guests.

For our contract clients: Any needed follow-up sessions outside your regular visits? Absolutely free. Consider it our guarantee!

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Out in Fayetteville, GA?

Our strength lies in our detailed knowledge of local pests. At Douglas Pest Control Services, we introduce a state-of-the-art, odorless treatment, setting up a stealthy protective barrier around your dwelling, ensuring pests stay out between our check-ins. Every possible entrance, from minor foundation cracks to trash storage zones and beyond, is sealed off.

Rest assured, DPC Services is dedicated to reinforcing this shield, ensuring a total eviction of pests, even those hiding in unsuspected places like under wood chips or in shaded corners.

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Subterranean Termites

Termite Control

DPC Services offers specialized termite defense, guarding homes against these timber-destroying invaders. Upon a thorough inspection, if termites are found, the team resorts to either Termidor or the Advance Termite Bait System. Termidor, renowned in the US for its efficacy, uses a subtle chemical action against various termite types. In comparison, the Advance Termite Bait System employs a green baiting approach, focusing on termite biology and disrupting their molting, all while being mammal-friendly.

Mosquito Control

DPC Services champions an all-encompassing strategy for mosquito mitigation, spanning areas from urban parks to residential zones. We utilize residual adulticides on greenery to hit primary mosquito habitats, promising enduring effects. Our team emphasizes eradicating potential breeding sites by prompting homeowners to drain stagnant water and fix leaks. When removing water isn't feasible, larvicides infused with growth regulators come into play, stunting mosquito larvae progression. In instances of heightened mosquito threats or possible disease transmission, they resort to adulticiding, using cutting-edge mist blowers for pinpoint insecticide application, assuring sustained mosquito control.

Mosquito Control Service

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Renowned in Fayetteville and its neighboring regions, DPC Services stands as a beacon of pest control expertise. Our adept team offers custom inspections and treatments for a range of pests, always with an emphasis on your safety and financial considerations. Our unwavering focus on client happiness drives us to refine our approaches continually. Built on family values, our mission is to provide a trusted, transparent service that ensures a pest-free residence. Partner with us today, and experience reliability at its finest.