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At DPC Services, we meticulously inspect every nook and cranny of your Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia home — from attic to basement — ensuring that no pests claim it as their own. Given that Georgia is the second-highest state for pest activity, just behind Florida, a tailored pest control strategy is essential. Our expert team, fully licensed and certified, promises you a pest-free environment through effective and secure solutions.

Reach out to us at 770-460-5258 to secure your Chattahoochee Hills, GA residence from these intrusive pests.

Note for our contract-based clients: Follow-up sessions in between regular visits? No additional costs. It's on us!

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What sets us apart is our in-depth understanding of Chattahoochee Hills diverse pest species. With our exclusive Pest Management Program at Douglas Pest Control Services, we deploy a top-tier, scent-free solution that forms an invisible barrier around your home. This ensures no pests intrude between our visits. We focus on all possible entry points, from cracks in the foundation to waste storage areas and even window wells.

DPC Services commits to strengthening this barrier, guaranteeing complete pest eradication, even from concealed areas like under mulch or shaded spots.

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DPC Services has earned its reputation not just in Chattahoochee Hills but also in surrounding areas as a leading pest control expert. Our skilled technicians devise personalized inspections and solutions tailored for various pests, prioritizing your safety and budget. Our commitment to client satisfaction pushes us to constantly enhance our methods and offerings. Being a family-centric business, our core values are rooted in trust and transparency, ensuring you a home free from pests. Collaborate with us today for a trustworthy service you can rely on.