It’s not if your home will get termites, it’s when.
Don’t let termites destroy and undermine your home! Let our pest control experts, here at DPC Services, inspect your home for termites. If termites are found, we take the necessary steps to rid your home of these wood-devouring pests.

Termites infest millions of homes nationwide and cause over $750 million in damages each year. Termites can even form tunnels in cracks in concrete, meaning even slab homes are not safe from them. Termites don’t always leave obvious signs of infestation.

We’ve inspected over 10,000 homes for termites, and we’d like to help protect your home next!
A termite warranty is like an insurance policy for your home, separate from your homeowner’s policy, which protects your house in the event your home is invaded by termites. A termite warranty is important because homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover termite damages.

Every 5 years, your house should be retreated for termites to ensure your home remains protected from termites.

Before your warranty expires, call us for a FREE termite inspection.

Here at DPC Services, we offer Termidor and the Advance Termite Bait System. Rely on our professional opinion to decide which treatment will be the most effective in keeping your home protected. If you prefer to not have chemicals near you home, please ask about our other options!


We are a Termidor-certified company. Termidor is a chemical compound applied in a trench that termites cannot see, smell, or avoid. When a termite ingests this compound, they pass it along to other termites in the nest.

Advance Termite Bait System

This system uses a series of bait stations that are placed around the perimeter of your home. When termites are discovered, we will replace the bait with new poisoned food, and follow up with regular inspections.

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